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Environmentally Friendly Villa Jazmin Hotel

The city of Ica is privileged to have 360 days of sunshine a year with very little rain (0.1 inches per year) There are only three places in the world where there is less rainfall:

  • Aswan, Egypt 0.02 "
  • Luxor, Egypt 0.03 "
  • Arica Desert, Chile 0.04 "

Given that we have a very dry climate and long hours of sunshine, we consider it a duty to take full advantage of this natural energy. We use a solar hot water thermal heating system with solar collectors to maintain the temperature of our pool at 30 degrees celsius throughout the year.

In the future we would like to use photovoltaic panels but for now there are no agreements between the government and the companies that supply power to reverse the solar power generated to the grid.

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